Black Ops 2 Zombies – “FIVE” Live commentary Part 1 BLACK OPS ZOMBIES by Whiteboy7thst

1337 thumbs up and ill uploaded part 2. (theres 3 parts) my first live zombie game

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21 Responses to Black Ops 2 Zombies – “FIVE” Live commentary Part 1 BLACK OPS ZOMBIES by Whiteboy7thst

  1. TheTbone787 says:

    for this map u need 3 or 4 players because its so big?

  2. QuinnMaverickMan says:

    cool guy= we need? to make a cod movie!

    noob= we need to make a battlefield movie!

  3. QuinnMaverickMan says:

    Call of Duty ww3…? the movie!

  4. ramon toledo says:

    dude you sound like adam sandler O_O rly wierd?

  5. KyleTheNinja23 says:

    This deserves a subscribe?

  6. TheStormtempest says:


  7. harveyhpro says:

    use a? ad blocker

  8. zombiekilla407 says:

    Ya I? want to make a cod movie with u

  9. Morris Pena says:

    i want to make a cod movie with? you

  10. Morris Pena says:

    they should make? a cod movie

  11. cynthiacely says:


  12. jareddeno1 says:

    Check out my mw3 vidos? and rate comment and subsribe!!!!

  13. birdyflako10 says:

    CoD? MOVIE

  14. birdyflako10 says:

    the entire cutscene was? beast

  15. Hunter Freeman says:

    4 shot then knife. gives you most points and on? one shot knife

  16. Chrisjp93 says:

    I can no longer remember when Youtube? didnt have ads -_-

  17. Denosgidut says:

    ahh zombiie apocalypes then he sees a phone)
    song starts: ur mama callin back -_-
    im just bored idk? why

  18. TheJorgenstein says:

    you? suck hard

  19. 813lazaro says:

    66 people suck gipsy dick?

  20. HeavyDuty9651 says:

    66 ppl wet there bed and are scared of zombies?

  21. shootinglegend12 says:

    66 people are GAY!!!!!!!!!!!?

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