Black Ops 2 – Black Ops 2: Opinions & Commentary – Best COD in a Long Time

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hope you enjoy guys, do not expect an hour long every saturday! I have some very nice DayZ videos coming soon, I was quite eager to get this uploaded! Thank you for watching guys don’t forget to leave a rating! -Panda DayZ Previous Episode : _______________________________________________ Like what you see? Subscribe!: T-shirts: Follow Panda on : Facebook: Twitter: Livestream:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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27 Responses to Black Ops 2 – Black Ops 2: Opinions & Commentary – Best COD in a Long Time

  1. DomesticDiscount says:

    If you’re going to try to insult me, at least spell the insult right.? Faggot.

  2. CodXpertFtw says:

    nice? train

  3. CarDoseS says:

    i can tell your opinion sucks from the moment you say mw2 seems to have too? many problems

  4. ATOMICBOII98 says:

    I? believe everything you said but the last part, they will come up with great ideas for a long time to come I’m sure

  5. TripleThreat25000 says:

    Whats this map called??

  6. ScreamForMercyHD says:

    When r u? giving me my shoutout

  7. nickcarabin says:

    At 2:31 you can? dolphin dive off the stairs and it kills the zombiess

  8. MW3Stream says:

    haters? gonna hate

  9. MW3Stream says:

    haha that too?

  10. MadMuschMusch says:

    I love it to watch? you playing! :) Greetings from Germany

  11. TheGrittyClitt14 says:

    Why the Fuck are you watching this then asshole, if you get so frustrated then as your name suggests; go and play Modern Warfare 2 not watching HybridPanda playing the game? how he wants to play it.

  12. Hammeroffckyourface says:

    great video? kind of kept me on edge near the end

  13. gamehunter8 says:

    dude you shod play first person its more fun that? way 😛 plz

  14. PKMNxGreen says:

    Honestly? …… Who? cares hahaha

  15. TheCodmw2owner says:

    its so frustrating watching noobs play they never check things and he? didnt pick up the best back pack…

  16. Patrick Raymond says:

    Panda ur Winchester is a quiet gun and a 1 shot kill…. should have use it?

  17. GiZM0oGaMingx says:

    he only turned it up so we could see, he wasnt using it to his? advantage….

  18. KAoTiCxViZiOnZ says:

    Probly should climb ladders and hide in buildings and? waite for a zombie to pass then peek and go ps they zombies can’t climb ladders

  19. StRiPeDXXKiller says:

    I think cpt.macmilan will be good if he plays? this game lol

  20. Carlos Ray Norris says:

    15:10 “who wants to see darkness”
    well from? that link 170 thousand peopple wanted to see ten hours of darkness

  21. Carlos Ray Norris says:

    it is sortof but? id rather like inbetween this and normal

  22. skudditzzz says:

    19:17 i? died thought 1 of pandas friends was talkin

  23. justplaintom2 says:

    I HAVE SEEN NO ONE ON THIS GAME WHO ACTUALLY FINDS WHAT THERE LOOKING FOR ON THERE OWN, PANDA IF YOU WANT(sorry ignore capslock)? to get what you need then you NEED a freind or 2 and a car

  24. Ecsport108 says:

    Oh Shhh, Oh Ah Ah Ah Ah AhAh? AhAh Ah!

  25. LaShagma75 says:

    Been building my new gaming rig now and got so exsited today getting my second videocard, and the last part to my pc. And then when i have put in all the parts the shit want start up. I want to play this freekin game, nooooow! Oh well, at least i? can enjoy your vids on my old pc. :-) Keep em coming Panda!


    Watched it all? -.- ima get that game now 😀

  27. NBKPublicEnemy says:

    if you put down a tent and
    put all your stuff inside the tent wen you die we’ll your stuff be inside the tent when you? start a new game

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