Bite Me – “Viral” (Season 2 Ep 4)

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16 Responses to Bite Me – “Viral” (Season 2 Ep 4)

  1. Enumscratch3 says:

    The first rule was cardio….Not that Fat people go first. The reason they tend to is because they can’t outrun the zombies. Being fat has nothing to do with survival. Just makes yuh a little more tired when slicen through teh zombies… ?

  2. LucifersAngelFeather says:

    because he is? knowladgable about zombies, and zombie land had some pretty shitty rules :/

  3. vlogerman77 says:

    what about zombie land rules fat people? go first. why is the fat guy alive

  4. ChaosLORDish says:

    “Ethical Treatment of Zombies?”

    Fuck that, kill them after they eat? the redhead bitch.

  5. daniel bouchere says:

    no? hablo espanol

  6. 666Satan666Spawn666 says:

    Anyone know if this is? on netflix?

  7. pelaoenf says:

    yeah ta terrible? wena cabros ponganle weno, saluos desde chile

  8. DreamsToReality100 says:

    I was trying to figure out who he reminded me of cool i? see it now!

  9. Marceyd66 says:

    how? good is this

  10. boristhetoad says:

    or a young guy? martin xD

  11. littled4475 says:

    man? its like dead island find your own weapons

  12. knight59777 says:

    luv your? episodes

  13. loke krhonos says:

    wait, the book world? war z?

  14. WintersHowling says:

    air support is key?! the battle of yonkers show’d that air support does almost nothing to harm zack, they got rid of it in favor of training? more ground soldiers.

  15. QuentinsCompetition says:

    Z-WTF ?

  16. geolegg736 says:

    no? it wasn’t.

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