Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead : DayZ – Stranger Danger

A series of mini shorts as captured during my playthrough of Arma 2 DayZ (Online Server). I’ll be documenting adventures, ranging from running through forests, hiding from snipers in cities and trying to survive the zombie infection! Nothing like an old fashioned pepsi to watch things unfold.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Discusion : Como Sobrevivir un Ataque de Zombies!

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27 Responses to Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead : DayZ – Stranger Danger

  1. Slaughterbail says:

    Turn of head bobbing….?

  2. Slaughterbail says:

    Not CO technically, but you need to have Arma 2 and OA?

  3. x3dxlolywannabe says:

    Does dayz work with OA? Thougt it was? only CO

  4. thejuddftw says:

    Only if you had a nade?

  5. Spindry96 says:

    Pretty sure? you can change that in settings

  6. Spindry96 says:

    “Oh crap he’s running? straight for us”. “Oh shoot him, shoot him” lol

  7. JarJarWookie2000 says:

    We did? not have enough bullets to kill all the zombies, we did however have enough to kill you, sorry about that. 😛

  8. William4948 says:

    I shoot on sight now, I tried to be a nice guy. I saved people from zombies, gave them weapons, the whole 9? and got shot every time.

  9. SaintSaryad says:

    Thats why i dont let anyone see me ^^
    Im that bush wookie that sees this happening so just lies? down and waits for you to leave

  10. Bransonio says:

    I’m a giraffe.?

  11. TheSuperPedo7 says:

    how is your camra soo still when running? mine goes all over? the place and it gives me a head ache :(

  12. Gustis777 says:

    Oh okay? haha, my mistake. Still doesn’t give this guy the right to make stereotypes

  13. Left4Friends says:

    I’m American, One’s Canadian, and the other is a Swedish Warrior.?

  14. Gustis777 says:

    Wow, nice. He’s american, that’s totally why he’s annoying. Notice the other guy is American as? well and he’s the chillest one there?

  15. Left4Friends says:


  16. Miralage says:

    Hey look, a guy running away from twenty zombies!

    We should make this HARDER FOR HIM.

    And this is why I double-tab ANYONE I meet in? the wilderness.

  17. BIGSGC says:

    Omg, that was f*ckin hilarious. Had me in stitches.?

  18. ZiiPoP96 says:

    Rest in? peace in peace ? Fail.

  19. 5teampunker says:

    Bastards. He was twice the player you guys? are.

  20. Mczingerwhopper says:

    I am so? curious to see what Rhyldin said in the chat haha

  21. MassiveM110 says:

    fuck this…have to get ArmA II OA tomoz!!?

  22. gus2321ly says:

    con eso no? vas a sobrevivir

  23. impactoGaming says:

    no creo, pero tiene computadoras y telefonos ;)?

  24. gus2321ly says:

    bestbuy? tiene comida?

  25. llopez345 says:

    no se como? alguien es capas de comerse la cara de un vagabundo O.O

  26. llopez345 says:

    1:23 jaja claro, para la próxima solo el cerebro XD ,? gracias por el consejo
    like y fav

  27. SacredBlazeXxX says:

    Impacto + zombies = GG?

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