Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead : DayZ – Flashlight

A series of mini shorts as captured during my playthrough of Arma 2 DayZ (Online Server). I’ll be documenting adventures, ranging from running through forests, hiding from snipers in cities and trying to survive the zombie infection! Is anyone there in town with a flash light? I’m on a crane, it’s dark, and I’m scared.

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19 Responses to Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead : DayZ – Flashlight

  1. s1a9m9b0 says:

    didn’t work i have tried? this

  2. oggedask says:

    i would kinda hope that they change the night game.. because its just unplayable until you get better gear…? if you are at the start you have to change server to get daylight.. its just impossible… you cant even run with the flashlight for some reason

  3. Left4Friends says:

    It’s the? same key

  4. skeith1111 says:

    how do you use a light when its on a shotgun same key or is it different? (remington with flashlight )

  5. Xerizon says:

    Right click it in your Inventory -> Remove from ToolBelt -> He puts it? to his hand -> L to turn it on

  6. Tropheus says:

    Nice video, I like the roleplaying you do while? playing it lol.I’m new to the game and just learning it all.

  7. NarutoNinjaSensei says:

    Right? Click, Remove from Toolbelt, then it’ll equip and then press L

  8. Yamikaiba123 says:

    I still can’t. L? doesn’t do anything.

  9. Yamikaiba123 says:

    Do you have to take it out or something first? I’m wielding? a hatchet, but I don’t know how to unwield. Do I have to switch to it?

  10. s1a9m9b0 says:

    i couldnt figure it out i was trying to hit all the keys? hahah

  11. Left4Friends says:

    You usually press L. Though it sometimes gets buggy and doesn’t always turn on. So you might need to reconnect to the game or try a different server if nothing works.?

  12. s1a9m9b0 says:

    how do you turn on the flash liight it wont let me

  13. Lghtng2 says:

    what? a f-ing troll

  14. LobbySurfer says:


  15. TheIceofDarkness says:

    How do you turn on the flashlight?? I mean I? have the flashlight, but when I play at night or press the fire button nothing works. Can someone help me out?

  16. PkersGoneWild says:

    You sir, are an excellent RolePlayer?

  17. Left4Friends says:

    I actually did meet up with the guy if you do watch the later videos. However under different? circumstances and the fact that I just started, things didn’t work out according to plan. I did want to kill him just for the flash light since the general idea of having light in this dark game makes me feel safe. Just remember this was around the time I did start playing. My attitude towards everything did change from my initial playthrough.

  18. laammann says:

    sorry LM, you cant play this game, it requires balls to play it. lol, 4real this is a pretty weird vid. for one, i thought u were the one with a flashlight and? 2nd, why didnt u just go meet up with the guy? it sounded like u wanted to kill him.

  19. P1T4Bot says:

    hey dude nice vids wanna play with me?? 😀

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