Arma 2 DayZ – Surviving Co-op: Part 2 – Lee Enfield is LOUD!

Re-Uploaded because of missing audio, sorry bout that :( You asked for it, you got it! Here is a Co-op version of my solo Day Z Show! This is a mod for the game Arma 2 where if you die, your character will die forever – Permadeath! Hope all you hardcore zombie fans love this because i think its awesome! ?Leave a LIKE/FAVOURITE if you enjoyed the video! ?Channels: ?Game: ARMA II: Combined Operations. Buy it HERE: ?Mod: ?TWITTER:
Video Rating: 5 / 5

See the full The Walking Dead Playlist here! ? Buy The Walking Dead Ep. 2 ? ? The Walking Dead – Part 2 ? In this episode of The Walking Dead, Lee’s group venture off to the dairy farm where they encounter what appears to be a gang of bandits. __________Director__________ Youtube: Twitter: Facebook: __________________________ ? The Walking Dead ? The Walking Dead is a comic book series, turned television show, turned video game. The game is seen through the eyes of Lee Everett just as the zombie apocalypse breaks out. Lee finds a young girl, Clementine, and vows to take care of her through this ordeal. The game is set before to take place before the events of the television show, and whether you are a fan of the comic or show, you are sure to see some familiar faces. Release Date ? April 24, 2012 Genre ? Adventure Publisher ? TellTale Games Developer ? TellTale Games __________Follow Press.Start SAVEPOINT__________ Youtube: Twitter: Facebook: Google+ : _________________________________________ ? Click “Like” and “Favorite” if you like this video. Helps us make more! Tell us what you think in the comments below ?

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25 Responses to Arma 2 DayZ – Surviving Co-op: Part 2 – Lee Enfield is LOUD!

  1. SaintSantiXIV says:

    see the dislike? bar? Yea, me neither

  2. DMadchannel says:

    2:45 the blue? name lawl!

  3. imericano says:

    u? da fag

  4. connormcqueenrfc says:


  5. imericano says:

    thumbs up for? no dislikes

  6. heyseus gm says:

    Don’t run? cos zombies can sees you

  7. EireBornFenix says:

    lol? i laugh looking back at these

  8. Arzak8 says:

    Funny how newbish you all were at that time. ATTACK OF? THE NEWBS! When Esso started shooting that Enfield like crazy and the zombies came pouring out of everywhere… so funny.

  9. soulreaver6300 says:

    If he asks one more time about how to put? stuff in his pack. FUCK

  10. PinoyPower15 says:

    hahaha i like the taken? reference

  11. darkknightgga says:

    Maybe you guys wouldnt run into so many zombies if you tryed stealth instead ? of run and gun

  12. EireBornFenix says:

    it happens when your low? on blood, its gone by the next episode i think


    black and white is really annoying?

  14. zach fillmore says:

    no? $’!+

  15. zach fillmore says:

    there are several (and I mean SEVERAL )(I cant? spell.) facts that prove that wrong.
    sadly I realized that AFTER i posted a comment like yours. if you want to know them pls pm me, and ill send you them dback. i feel everyone else should figure them out for themselves.

  16. Stuurminator says:

    She’s? mixed black-Asian, actually. You could see the photo of her parents in Episode 1. Nonetheless, that woman was clearly not her mother.

  17. rley101 says:

    that… robber? he is going to come back? as a walker!

  18. pinkheartz97 says:

    clementine? is not black…..

  19. juvanjean says:

    look? at the picture in the tent

  20. rosecrusher21 says:


  21. redunicornangel says:

    i know i watched it,? it’s really gross

  22. Beagle4203 says:

    It? was Clementine’s Babysitter.

  23. beutyblondsims2lover says:

    cannibalism, the ST jones cut? his legs and served them for dinner

  24. redunicornangel says:

    LOL at the? add at the end

  25. redunicornangel says:

    I would think but isn’t she in? Savannah?

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