? The Walking Dead – Episode 2, Part 1 – Starved For Help w/TheQuxxn

See the full The Walking Dead Playlist here! ? goo.gl Buy The Walking Dead Ep. 2 ? amzn.to ? The Walking Dead, Episode 2 – Part 1 ? In this episode of The Walking Dead, the group faces another problem other than that of the undead… hunger. __________Director__________ Youtube: goo.gl Twitter: goo.gl Facebook: goo.gl __________________________ ? The Walking Dead ? The Walking Dead is a comic book series, turned television show, turned video game. The game is seen through the eyes of Lee Everett just as the zombie apocalypse breaks out. Lee finds a young girl, Clementine, and vows to take care of her through this ordeal. The game is set before to take place before the events of the television show, and whether you are a fan of the comic or show, you are sure to see some familiar faces. Release Date ? April 24, 2012 Genre ? Adventure Publisher ? TellTale Games Developer ? TellTale Games __________Follow Press.Start SAVEPOINT__________ Youtube: goo.gl Twitter: goo.gl Facebook: goo.gl Google+ : goo.gl _________________________________________ ? Click “Like” and “Favorite” if you like this video. Helps us make more! Tell us what you think in the comments below ?

The Ninja outfit grants “special animation” with bladed weapons. If you press attack and string it into a combo with a bladed weapon like a sword as shown in the video, you can do a few sword flurries into a finishing flying spinning kick. Zombies are not keen to you unless you get really close. This is a good thing when you are going for the Zombie Fu achievement, because there are less zombies grabbing you. Please make sure to LIKE the video. It helps a lot. For more Dead Rising 2 videos, check out the playlists here: Dead Rising 2: www.youtube.com Dead Rising 2: Off The Record: www.youtube.com Dead Rising 2: Case West: www.youtube.com SUBSCRIBE! ? www.youtube.com ? www.youtube.com Channels: ? www.youtube.com ? www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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26 Responses to ? The Walking Dead – Episode 2, Part 1 – Starved For Help w/TheQuxxn

  1. wonktnodi says:

    People think Travis is stupid, but he’s the one who put the tourniquet on the? teacher.

  2. MsLalalallalalallall says:

    When I watch this I feel like I’m playing the game? with you!

  3. MsLalalallalalallall says:

    What console is this on??

  4. BeautyElectricx says:

    Can we chop off? Larry’s leg too?

  5. Maryse4life says:

    LOL ? Lee: Duck, how about some food? Duck: =D Lee:Sorry. Duck: =/ Lol that was so mean XD

  6. jmjancek says:

    Yeah i love? ya Voice 2 =D

  7. dexyboyfull says:

    9:25 what quxxn said was exactly right! its exactly likes sims 3 Dont run at a fire and point? and scream at it, run the fk away!

  8. Beagle4203 says:

    That guy? was stupid, Why didn’t he just turn around, and run like a jackrabbit would from a hunter. And you should definitely feed the kids, first.

  9. Beagle4203 says:

    What when it fired did the butt of the gun shoot back? and hit you in the eye?

  10. magnshag says:

    You’ve never eaten deer meat? You know, venison? Quxxn, come on!!! =)?

  11. Parker75825 says:

    Not? everyone can learn to shoot a gun, trust me
    I tried shooting one, it got me a black eye -.-

  12. RichBayBay says:

    *Everyone talking? at once*
    Me: OMFG please shutup!
    Lily: Lee! Lee!
    Me: This bitch…
    Quxxn: What?!?
    Me: LOL

  13. RichBayBay says:

    Woman:? Lee! Lee!
    Quxxn: What?!?
    Me: LOL

  14. FreeRunner163 says:

    do? u need the skills pack to wear the ninja costume?

  15. TehBigDK says:

    Magazine ?

  16. MegaGuver says:

    how do you jump on the? skateboard?

  17. MegaGuver says:

    yes but they neally never do it only tired to get grabbed 2 times becouse i was pushing to them? and standing still else they will hit u but they will ignore u if u dont got really close to them like neally touching them

  18. DemonPlasma says:

    i bought the addon but where do i get the costume? ?

  19. 2012dcj says:

    can you get grabbed in the ninja suit?

  20. BCMGameplays says:


  21. cole11258 says:

    is the? skateboard apart of the dlc idk i dont have the game

  22. DigiFyre1 says:

    at 0:26 listen after he runs? the 2 zombies over it sounds like someone saying “good” :S

  23. fearedjames says:

    in dead rising 1 and 2 (and otr) zombies push random shit, in dead rising 2 they push more things like wheelchairs and push carts. And zombies will attack you, they are shambling zombies tho say they only bother? if ur nearby or stand arround, they just arent left 4 dead style zombies so they wont chase u till the world ends.

  24. TheMimeGogo says:

    Oh man…. I? wish i could get that DLC T__T

  25. 182a7x41 says:

    3:28? that was awesome

  26. matheusseverogoerg says:


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