How would you survive a zombie outbreak?

I think a zombie outbreak will happen. How will you survive? Where will you stay as a home? How big will your group be?

Chosen Answer:

since there’s no such thing as zombies, i think i’d survive very well
by: Murzy
on: 7th December 10

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9 Responses to How would you survive a zombie outbreak?

  1. Rocko Socko says:

    I’d hop in my car with my whole family and drive away.

  2. Fran cotes says:

    yes indeed i know this because i am a zombie but we prefer to be called “slow walking weirdos, that make strange noises”

  3. singingforcheese says:

    yes id survive – id be one of the zombies. id survive by eating humans. i will stay in the london underground. my group would be select few of elite zombies.


  4. Murzy says:

    since there’s no such thing as zombies, i think i’d survive very well

  5. JK says:

    i think my group will consist of ten ppl. We will sleep in five person shifts. Each will be armed with a meat cleaver, machete, and a multi tool. I will stay in an underground base like in terminator. Best of luck in the outbreak, man.

  6. Roddy says:

    If you wake up one morning and there are already zombies walking in the streets then chances are you will have to stay where you are. There is no reason to believe that zombies will stick to the sidewalks and driving will be very dangerous and likely impossible. Every ones plans fail to take this into account.

    Many small towns may well be retaken quickly unlike the cities. Many city dwellers seem to have a fear of guns and they are often more strictly controlled. Small towns are a different story and many of us are already armed. Unless an air borne virus took control of 80% or more of the people at once small towns would be back in the hands of the living within 24-48 hours. Even at 80% infection small towns would be back to the living within five to seven days.

    Trying to get to a gun store or a mall in the middle of an outbreak is just madness.

  7. *Leah* says:

    I’ll pretend to be one of them

  8. brush says:

    i would get in my SUV and drive to the gun store,grab an m1a and a glock-18. then i would hijack a plane and go to an offshore oil rig then i would read the zombie survival guide by max brooks. after about 3 years which is when zombies rot away completely,i would head back to my house and barricade it just incase.then i would round up as many survivors as i can and form a colony.

  9. Pupp says:

    we’d be alright, th 2 of us and the dogs. We have enough tins of soup and frozen vegetables from our small harvest.

    Might have to bring a couple of the chickens indoors so they don’t get eaten by the Zombies, but we’d be ok for a bit.

    We’re out in the middle of nowhere, so I think it would be a while before they came to ours. Can always shoot them off our land if they invade.

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