How can i prove that a zombie attack will never happen?

My friend and his dad both think that it is possible for something to happen that would cause the dead to come to life,like in zombie movies.I think he is talking rubbish but he insists that it could happen at any moment.Can anyone suggest what i can say to him/show him that will prove that a zombie attack will never happen

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Yes, if you want to, you can do so with reason and facts.
by: Carl J
on: 25th November 08

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11 Responses to How can i prove that a zombie attack will never happen?

  1. LakeEffectKid says:

    You cant. Can you prove god DOESNT exist? no.

  2. Broken but Hopeful... says:

    There is a book called The Zombie Survival Guide. I think you should buy that, because your friend is right, IT CAN HAPPEN AT ANY TIME!!!

  3. tenzle says:

    dude now the possibility is closer than ever with nano technology

  4. Lola Cola (top reported) says:

    Haha, the burden of proof does not fall upon you but your friend.

    Seeing as how there is no scientific evidence to support a zombie attack, I would have to agree it is rubbish. Plus there are other things to take into account, such as, bodies rot and decay, how would they be capable of movement? And what kind of event would start such a thing to begin with? Plus, whether you believe in souls or not, either way, there is nothing inhabiting the body so what is dictating it’s actions?

    Too many questions. I’d have to say it’s highly unlikely.

  5. samantha j. says:

    DUDE! you should totally freak them out and get a bunch of people to dress like zombies(seriously not in a joke or corny way) and bang on their door in the middle of the night. Then you can watch them freak out. Dont know what that would prove but it would be pretty freakin funny if pulled off the right way :)

  6. nick p says:

    No, it cannot happen. While it may be possible for the dead to come back to life, this isn’t this issue with the “zombie phenomena”. Zombies are said to also be the “living dead”. Plenty of people have been declared “clinically dead” and revived. Should we consider them Zombies? No. Zombies are beings said to be both dead and alive (the “living dead”). Yet, something cannot both be alive and dead at the same time–this is an impossibility (just as it is an impossibility to have a thought and no thought at the same time. To have life and no life, at the same time, is impossible). Such beings cannot exist; it is simply impossible. However, if somebody is brought back to life from the dead then we cannot distinguish them in any way from other living beings (in respect to them having life). Why should we call such people “zombies”? Like I said though we shouldn’t define zombies as beings who were dead but have been brought back to life; for, zombies also have a insatiable urge to devour the flesh of the living. But, people that have been brought back from the dead don’t have this symptom (they don’t leap from the table after their heart has been restarted and eat all the doctors. They go back to living their life as the once did).

  7. T to the 4th power, "Y" says:

    I can tell you it will never happen naturally…it might artifically…

  8. mahalo1984 says:

    Just like you cannot be absolutely certain that the sun will rise tomorrow, you cannot be absolutely certain that the dead won’t raise themselves from the Earth, so sharpen your stakes and put on a very warm winter jacket for a very long, cold, winter night.

    (Of course, you could cite medical evidence and evolutionary theory in order to scientifically support the notion that such an event is highly improbable at this current stage of our technological development.)

  9. B-rock O'drama says:

    There are many zombies roaming the earth right now: people with pace-makers, people who have come out of comas, people taking over-the-counter prescription drugs, babies, the elderly…. anyone who should be dead if it weren’t for modern medicine or technology are zombies… that includes just about everyone. How much sleep did you get today?

  10. blayzekohime says:

    Since a negative cannot be proven, the burden of proof lies with those saying it can happen. Otherwise you may as well be trying to prove that invisible pink unicorns don’t exist.

  11. Carl J says:

    Yes, if you want to, you can do so with reason and facts.

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