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When AMC introduced the Walking Dead series in the fall of 2010, horror fans everywhere got a gift that has just kept on giving. Based on the comic book of the same name, the series has proven to be the kind of underground hit that has also started to reach those not familiar with the source material. Focusing on a small band of survivors who are trying to look for safety in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, the series was initially only signed for a six episode first season. The show became such a hit that AMC gave it a 12 episode second season and a full third season of episodes that is set to air in October 2012.

The second season of the Walking Dead was a split season, with six episodes airing in October 2011 and six episodes airing starting in February 2012. The season started with a group of confused survivors who had just survived the destruction of the CDC, where they thought they would find safe refuge. Instead, they found a scientist who was suicidal having just lost the last of his zombie samples. He set the facility up for self destruction, where some of the original members of the group choose to stay behind and die in the explosion instead of living in a world of little to no hope.

Following the explosion of the CDC, the group continued to look for a place where they could find safety and refuge from the “Walkers.” They decided to head to Fort Benning as they thought that the military would have provide a safe place for them to stay. Needless to say, it wasn’t as easy as they hoped it would be. The group found a variety of obstacles in their way, especially when they traveled the roads that were full of wrecked and abandoned vehicles. Not only did the “Walkers” cause them continued stress, but they also dealt with the breakdown of their own vehicles.

At one point, they found themselves surrounded by Walkers while trying to maneuver through a huge traffic jam. During this standoff, a young girl from the group runs away and gets lost. She is briefly found only to become lost once again. Due to an injury in the group, the group tries to find a temporary safe haven, but instead find a nasty surprise. While dealing with this surprise, the group begins to self destruct with the tension between Rick, Lori and Shane becoming palpable. The first half of the second season ends with a shocker that shakes the group to its very core.

The second half of season two deals with the group trying to keep their humanity in a increasingly hopeless situation, as well as figure out how they are going to live in such a world. The mix or horror, drama, action and, yes, sometimes even comedy has made the Walking Dead one of AMC’s most popular shows with one of the most dedicated fan bases in television. Many of the original fans came from the comic book, though it has definitely earned more fans along the way.

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