PS3 PLAYSTATION 3 White Modded Controller (Rapid Fire) COD Black Ops – JITTER, DROP SHOT, AUTO AIM

  • 3 Modes of rapid fire (FASTEST POSSIBLE FOR BLACK OPS, MW2)
  • Works with Halo, ALL Call of Duty games, Gears of War, and MORE!
  • DROP SHOT, JITTER, AND AUTO-AIM (for Zombies only)
  • User programmable mode – MAKE ANY BUTTON HAVE RAPID FIRE!

This controller features 3 modes of rapid fire, for all the latest games. It features, a user programmable mode as well, in which you can make ANY button on the controller have rapid fire!

This controller comes with an original, Sony brand white shell. It is the newest Dual Shock 3 controller.

This controller features jitter mode which allows you to shoot even faster than standard rapid fire by using a gitch.

Drop-shot is also available on each speed. It can be easily turned on/off. Drop shot makes it so that when you shoot using the R1 button, you fall to the ground into the “prone” position, which makes it hard for enemies to aim at you.

This controller also features “Auto-Aim”. This add-on allows you to automatically lock onto enemies. NOTE: Auto-aim ONLY works in campaign mode and Zombies mode. NOT ONLINE.

All controllers we sell come with a one year warranty as well, so you can buy with confidence!

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