Gamer Issue 6 January/february 2011 (The Official Games Magazine of Best Buy)

  • In our NBA Game Shootaround, three basketball games are competing on the court this year. Will NBA Jam, NBA 2K11, or NBA Elite 11 be the game you’ll be playing? We put them through their paces!
  • The space zombies are rising once more in Dead Space 2. The big news this time? Multiplayer, baby! Check out our sneak peek at the game that will be giving you the heebie-jeebies in January.
  • It’s every game geek’s dream to go to PAX in Seattle. In case you missed it, we’ve managed to distill three days of wackiness into two pages of photos and fun.
  • Exclusive Coupon Savings Save at least 0 (and often much more) off the hottest new games and accessories in each issue of @GAMER. Go to your local Best Buy store to buy the latest issue and get your own valuable coupons.
  • Meet our team of knowledgeable and insightful gaming experts. Their shared experience adds up to more than sixty years in the field of games journalism.

Expert insight on the latest games-with a staff that has over 60 years of combined experience-and offers exclusive coupons on current and pre-order games. It’s a magazine that more than pays for itself in short order

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