Will the new president realize the threat zombies pose to America?

Question by Sean: Will the new president realize the threat zombies pose to America?
Bush failed to regard the threat of brain eating zombies that is among us… will Obama notice the threat and deal with it accordingly?

Zombies are a huge threat to society, us, our children, and basically no one is prepared for them. The zombie camps stationed in arizona are rapidly spreading to other parts of the USA. This threat needs to be dealt with quick before zombies can eat YOUR mom or YOUR sibling.

I petition President-elect Barack Obama to give $ 50 billion in the research of zombies.

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Answer by Eric E
Not likely. Most of his supporters ARE zombies.

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5 Responses to Will the new president realize the threat zombies pose to America?

  1. comebackkiddxxx says:

    this isn’t dawn of the dead or resident evil. ya aren’t very funny, grow up.

  2. Berensflame says:

    I completely support your proposal. I also recommend spamming his mailbox with copies of the Zombie Survival Guide until he reads it.

    Until he does, just hide in your basement with a shotgun.

  3. Impeach Obama says:

    Obama propably takes fictional zombies more seriously than the very real threat posed by radical moon god worshiping terrorists.

  4. godluvsme says:

    It must be hard for him to fight zombies without a spine…

  5. thealligator414 says:

    My friend, fear not! Under the Bush Administration, Billions in research dollars have already been poured in to the Zombie Defense Industry, and they are making strides – indeed.

    I give you the MZKV-L (Multiple Zombie Kill Vehicle). The Defense Industry refers to this top secret weapon as just MKV, in an attempt to avoid public hysteria by openly acknowledging the Zombie threat.

    Take a look at the Zombie Killer of the future:


    WANTED: Zombies: Dead or….Deader?

    Look for these bad boys on you local streets around 2012!!

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