Will the new president realize the threat zombies pose to America?

Question by Sean: Will the new president realize the threat zombies pose to America?
Bush failed to regard the threat of brain eating zombies that is among us… will Obama notice the threat and deal with it accordingly?

Zombies are a huge threat to society, us, our children, and basically no one is prepared for them. The zombie camps rumored to be stationed in Arizona are rapidly spreading to other parts of the USA. This threat needs to be dealt with quick before zombies can eat YOUR mom or YOUR sibling.

I petition President-elect Barack Obama to give $ 50 billion in the research of zombies.

This is a serious issue.

Best answer:

Answer by been there done that
Zombieism is only a temporary condition. Hang around any place of employment and see how they come back to life at quitting time.
I would like half of the $ 50 billion to research this further on tropical islands and warm climates with sandy beaches.

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2 Responses to Will the new president realize the threat zombies pose to America?

  1. -RKO- says:

    Zombies….they’re everywhere! Walking down the street without even being able to name the current Vice-President; mismanaging giant automobile manufacturing companies; serving in the U.S. Congress; reading all those ‘gossip’ magazines that give details of Britney Spears’ love life; asking and answering questions on YaHoo! Answers because they have no real life; dozing on the couch with the remote in hand, ready to change channels as soon as they wake up again; refusing to vote because they’re ‘too busy’; talking on cell phones while driving; sitting in bars and pretending to be ‘real’ social people; driving around in police cars trying to find someone with a gram of ‘weed’ so they can – maybe – be featured on “Cops”….
    Zombies – they’re everywhere!! -RKO-

  2. Ron H says:

    I doubt it.

    Consider the fact that zombies have been marginalized and discriminated against for most of recorded history. Even today they’re relegated to minimum wage jobs of menial importance such as slaughter house workers and customer service reps. It’s a well known fact that while non-zombie hominids graduate high school at an overall rate of 85% (year-ended 2003), “living impaired”, as most experts believe they prefer to be called, graduate at an abysmal 0.000025%. Additionally, recent surveys show that while the average FICO score of US consumers is 690, on average the infected score a comical, 3. Furthermore, they don’t enjoy the same basic freedoms as you and I. Consider that zombie marriage is still prohibited in all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

    Instead of exacerbating the situation by perpetuating the fear of the infected, you should provide ideas for a solution. We’re all brothers and sisters. There’s no zombie race…just the human race.

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