Will the Bible ever be complete until it includes a zombie apocolypse?

Question by Welcome to the Fifth Dimension!: Will the Bible ever be complete until it includes a zombie apocolypse?
The Bible has about every fanciful imaginings: the moon turning red with blood, dragons with seven heads, a Jesus with a flaming eyes and a sword jutting from his mouth. All of this is great, but one crucial element is missing: a zombie apocalypse. How can I possibly support the Bible, let alone believe it to be the word of of god, if it neglects a zombie apocalypse!

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Answer by loufedalis
Welcome, you seem to know just enough about the Bible to be dangerous. And I totally understand your dilemma. Many of us are confused by the things we read in the Bible that we do not understand.
Only a determined, spirit filled, study of God’s Word, will enlighten you to the points that confuse you. Some things in the Bible are literal and some are spiritual pictures of things to come, or things in the past.
I encourage you to get a good commentary, I personally like “The Believers Bible Commentary” and look at the scriptures you do not understand. With prayerful consideration, God will help you understand
the scriptures.

No, the Bible needs nothing to be complete. It has been complete for years, and Biblical Scholars, better educated than myself, are satisfied with the Bible as it is. God Bless.

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