Will Black Ops 2 have the other zombie maps?

Question by Kris: Will Black Ops 2 have the other zombie maps?
Will black ops 2 have the zombie maps from all the previous games. :)

Or I was planning on getting world at war zombies for my ps3… but only for the zombies, and black ops had added the previous game in add on content, I tried black ops before and I didn’t like the multiplayer or the campain, (im too use to the cod4 mw2 feel) but zombies were cool. Should I get waw or bo.

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Answer by Adam
Black Ops 2 will have all new maps. But just as Black Ops did, Black Ops 2 will probably release a DLC that puts the Black Ops zombies in the game. You should get Black Ops because you can buy it then buy the DLC which gives you the WaW maps instead of buying both games.

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