Why would Christians get offended when I call jesus a zombie?

Question by : Why would Christians get offended when I call jesus a zombie?
I mean that what he is. He died and walked again. That’s a zombie. Christians worship a zombie.

Science Bless.

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Answer by evil_b_funn
Because he ate their brains.

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20 Responses to Why would Christians get offended when I call jesus a zombie?

  1. Jared, QED says:

    No, he died, and came back to life. Zombies are the living dead. I’m not a Christian.

  2. marlowe d says:

    And bless you too. Peace. :)

  3. EVIL JESUS says:

    Because its not true. Zombies love brains

  4. quietsilentfree says:

    Because, they don’t appreciate their godboy being undead.

  5. Blinxer says:

    I thought Zombies were the “living dead”

    According to Christianity, Jesus dies and returned to life. So…yeah…

  6. Ashe says:

    How would you like it if I called your mother a whore?

  7. EasterEgg says:

    No. He came back to life, not rotted and mindless. ZOMBIES are rotted and mindless, while Jesus was completely fine and could think straight. Jesus was not a ZOMBIE! and he didn’t just walk, he led another life.

  8. Artemis Goldfish says:

    You’re showing how silly their belief really is, and that makes them maaaad, oh wow does that ever piss them off.

  9. Cynique says:

    I’m not offended. People say stupid things all the time. I like to consider myself above that.

  10. The glamorous xx says:

    Thats really mean
    Maybe because he’s not a zombie!
    Thats so cruel :(

  11. j.malco says:

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK OUT!!!!!! ITS ZOMBIE CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. matt says:

    o i don’t know…maybe that He’s the savior of the world…no that couldn’t be it

  13. Hammer says:

    What if someone called your parents and grandparents such things – disrespecting them?
    Or if your married and have children & people said such things against them?

  14. dkoch1444 says:

    Shouldn’t mess around with people’s faith, someone might punch you in the Taint!

  15. timothy p says:


  16. Aine's Daughter says:

    Horror movie rhetoric, I suppose, they don’t want to imagine their god-man walking around like a lumbering corpse trying to eat brains, and they can’t divide the idea of a zombie from the horror movie image.

  17. Sarah says:

    Dude, the Jonas Brothers are
    christians. Do you think that they’d
    be offended to that? yes, they would.

  18. SUH4PREZ says:

    that just made my day

  19. Alix says:

    haha, thats funny.
    although yeah, christians would probably get offended.

  20. Randomness says:

    Isn’t a zombie a thing that bites people, limps and spreads deceases?

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