Why is it that whenever I ask a question about zombies?

Question by ?Temple? ? babykat: Why is it that whenever I ask a question about zombies?
People automatically assume that the mall will be a safe haven? Isn’t the fact that so many people frequent the mall, an indication that it will be a virtual zombie death trap? Since zombies will go where the meat is and every ones going to the mall, it’s kind of like you’re signing yourself up to be banquet.

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Answer by Splash Frog
Why is this in gender studies? Mythology section is that way==========>

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  1. Ninja Pez says:

    1.) Get food
    2.) Go to Home Depot
    3.) There won’t be any zombies.

  2. Sarrain Zyphrantes says:

    Blame Hollywood

  3. Jonnus Macainus says:

    They say that because they saw the movie Dawn of the Dead.

    You probably want to go where you can get food and be far away from the zombies… If you know how to hunt, then the forest. If not, then gather food and lock your self in the police station where they have ammo/guns. You shoot any survivors with bite marks!

  4. Avocado says:

    Well, at night the mall is closed so there WON’T be people there. It would be the perfect hideout because there are plenty of high spaces where you can throw zombies if they attack you, plus there’s ALWAYS a sports store so you can grab a bat and bash their heads in (since zombies can only be killed by destroying their brains).

    If I were running from zombies, I’d lock myself in a high-rise supermarket. It’s harder for zombies to smell or hear you, and if you do get ambushed you have a quicker and far less painful way to die by jumping off.

    When I played “Zombies” during my second year of college, I hid out in the computer lab. I would pretend to be a student working on a paper so they wouldn’t know I was actually a desperate human trying to blend in. I was the second-to-last female human left alive out of the whole school! I WILL SURVIVE THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.

  5. Jade is Watching says:

    I suppose you have those metal gates you can shut down everywhere to create a secured environment if you can rid the place of the zombie infestation.

    That is why I consider holing up at my school if there is ever a zombie apocalypse. I can easily block off the stairways and other areas of the building with metal gates. My apartment would be a horrible place to try and fortify.

  6. Jermaine says:

    If you go to the Justin Beiber store you will be safe. Its like Sunlight to Vampires as this store to the zombies :)
    But no really Just kidding.
    People will think the mall will be safe after the apocalypse because then after the mall they would head to the outer parts of the city. Also if the Virus spreads over night the mall will have steel shut doors and hard as hell locks to get by so if zombies aren’t smart enough to break those doors and go inside it might e a good place to get supplies. But its not a place to stay.At all. Its more likely that in the countryside you have a better chance of survival. But you will have to come back to the city every once and a while for supplies. And plus the water in the pipes will get polluted since there is nobody working int the water pumps. Disease will spread and the mall has places to get anti-biotics for the diseases.

  7. Aquilae non capiunt Finskas says:

    Don’t worry. You’ll blend in with the zombies just fine…

  8. My Evil Twin says:

    food is important as is weapons. but POWER will not last long. you want someplace that has a generator backup. i have not thought the mall a good place since i saw the movie.

    catholic girl’s schools and convents often have back up generators. and super saturated with young women.

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