Why do some people seem to want a zombie apocalypse?

Question by : Why do some people seem to want a zombie apocalypse?
I’ve been on many internet forums where people have said that a zombie apocalypse would be “cool” or “epic”. How can someone think that? It would be awful, so many people would die and civilization would be destroyed.

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Answer by Nyah!
I agree with you, it’s mostly brainless boys that do not think of such things like this! Ha ha.

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4 Responses to Why do some people seem to want a zombie apocalypse?

  1. thenibbler77 says:

    they just want to live out the fantasy of blackops zombie killing with machineguns and everything in real life… then get the hot girl at the end and use her to procreate the entire planet… wait… i thought too much into that didn’t i? lol

  2. Sander says:

    People play games and watch movies like resident evil and dead island and it gives them the impression that the total breakdown of society would be more of a cake walk than it would actually be; a thrilling adventure where they could kick ass.

    The reality would of course be far darker in which every second of your life you would be constantly fighting for your survival. These people you speak of do not understand how difficult it actual is to destroy a brain, its not like in movies where a quick tap of a cricket bat will instantly render the zombie finished, its hard work to break a skull and to do it while being attacked would make it even more difficult.

    If these people who are wanting an zombie apocalypse are indeed the amazing zombie killing machines they must believe themselves to be then there is also the issue of low food and water supplies.

    A zombie outbreak would be a living nightmare in which only the most skilled survivalists would manage to survive.

  3. Emanuel Okhilu says:

    well i kind of do to after having watching so many zombie episodes such as highschool of the dead it makes you think it would be fun to kill but also if you think again this world would be destroyed no food your family and you couldnt kill forever you would probably die.

  4. Nero says:

    Because their a bunch of idiots… Yawn; anyways any realistic zombie apocalypse wouldn’t pose all too much of a threat. Living zombies would not require headshots; so millitary would be able to take them out fairly easily. Undead zombies move too slowly to pose much of a threat, it wouldn’t really get anywhere. And for either of these two, any cold area would be pretty safe, and a winter or two would probably end most of the threat.
    The only bad situation; would be if it were highly contagious and had a fairly large incubation period, “but then the dangers would be more like any other pandemic then the actual zombies themselves”

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