Who else wants a zombie apocalypse to start?

Question by Mike Smith: Who else wants a zombie apocalypse to start?
Is it just me, or would it be awesome if a zombie apocalypse would flood the earth? I keep hoping and praying every day that it would happen. I check related news and researches and such. There are a couple of promising articles but I worry it won’t happen in my lifetime. Every single day when I wake up and look out of the window and crave to see smokes from building, people running in hysteria, sirens, and of course, zombies chasing and devouring people. Is that normal? does this make me a sick person? Don’t you want it too? Surely some of you do.

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Answer by Anthony
Yes, you are a sick person. Join the club, we have tee shirts. Plus I really want to see a minigun tear through those freaks.

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6 Responses to Who else wants a zombie apocalypse to start?

  1. TheChaosLord13x says:

    only if i survive and get to watch my enamies die

  2. Cody says:

    Man, you zombie nerds are worse than the Star Trek guys…at least they know star trek isn’t real.

  3. Dr.Nice Guy says:

    i don’t want it, but I’m ready for it !!!!

  4. megan says:

    I DO I DO IDO!!!! but I wouldnt like it to kill my family… id just always thought it would be amazing to run around in a team shooting these zombies, one person being killed, us all in tragedy, having to kill another one of our own then seeing the helocopter, it not picking us uop, running round some more and finally finding the army to evacuate us and BAM. my sad dream has been fulfilled. alas, like you said this may not happen for a while.. lets hope for 2012 ๐Ÿ˜‰ your not alone but for the moment i suggest sticking with playing left4dead2. :3

  5. Jared says:

    That’s would be awesome because my guns been sitting around a while….

  6. Jorge Flores says:

    Not really. What if you became infected with it first instead of being bitten or something. That’s when you wont want this to happen. lol

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