Where would you go at during a zombie invasion?

Question by Magicalderp: Where would you go at during a zombie invasion?
The zombies I am talking about are the zombies that turn people into other zombies by attacking them. Just in case someone is not smart enough, this isn’t currently real but I am interested in where would you go. Whoever chooses the answer that I am thinking of, gets chosen as the best answer. (Unless the answer that was put down is even better than my answer)

Best answer:

Answer by Irv
I would barricade myself and friends/family in a supermarket with some crowbars and axes from my garage, and some guns if i could

What do you think? Answer below!

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6 Responses to Where would you go at during a zombie invasion?

  1. .oOfloydianOo. says:

    I’d go into the street & kung-fu fight those bitches.

  2. charle says:

    A deserted island.

  3. Norman says:

    Honestly I would go to Alpha Site. Me and my friends have picked out an area in the woods of a nearby back woods place with not a lot of people around. Its a nice rocky over hang that turns into a waterfall after a heavy rain. We also have other sites in the surrounding area as back ups of alpha Site gets overrun with the walking dead.

  4. alan says:

    Id rob a landrover and make my way to Scotland their mountains are much more abandoned than wales plus I bet most people would make there way to wales making it overcrowded. Heard the SAS train in Scottish highlands aswell never know might find them or atleast their base get few weapons

  5. 313131313 says:

    I would pretend to be a dog. Zombies never attack animals

  6. Kevin says:

    Alaska. I’d ask Sarah Palin to finish the bridge to nowhere, so that I could live in “nowhere.” Nobody, and I mean nobody, not even a zombie, knows where nowhere is.

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