Where will you go if a zombie infection ever happens in America?

Question by Leonardo: Where will you go if a zombie infection ever happens in America?
I would lock myself up in a supermarket, all the zombies will die of starvation within a month, won’t they?
Ok gentlemen, lets get this straight:
1) Zombies shall die of starvation ( they will get weaker and weaker as days passes by)
2) The more people together the more dangerous it will be in case somebody gets infected.
3) I have no weapons!!!

Best answer:

Answer by Beardog
I’d commandeer a sailing vessel and take to the seas. Everyone knows zombies can’t swim!

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7 Responses to Where will you go if a zombie infection ever happens in America?

  1. Musical Unicorn says:

    They are dead already so they don’t die naturally. They need to have their heads chopped off or to be burnt up. They eat people, but they don’t have to do that to survive.

  2. Jack says:

    Raccoon City to team with Jill Valentine

  3. Zombie says:

    you dont think the supermarket is the first place to be hit by them?
    it is basically a glass house,
    how are you going to stop us from breaking the windows, eh?

  4. yelix says:

    i would sit at home and watch all the americans being killed and say
    ör well, nobody likes those americans anyways”

    p.s. zombies can’t die theyre alreadt dead

  5. ImmaWannabeMe says:

    New mexico
    In every zombie movie the ‘safe place’ is always in new mexico
    but if i couldnt leave America. I would lock myself in a closet with a baseball bat and some food and water. I would make sure i had a miniture flash light and plenty of food. There would be double bolts on the door also :)

  6. Isaiah Strome says:

    ha ha idk were i would go but i have a sugestion on a CD that is about zombie’s. If you like Metalcore music try The Devil Wears Prada CD Zombie EP! its awesome! i would prolly go on a plane and fly acroos the waters to like china or something.

  7. SinisterGrin says:

    Nice thought but supermarkets usually have plenty of glass doors and large glass windows the zombies could easily burst through.

    Provided you could access one, I think a prison would be ideal. There would be food, not the best mind you, but this is a zombie apocalypse here. You could lock the facility down and it would be airtight. You would have access to weapons and surveillance equipment.

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