Where can I find out how to make zombie killing weapons?

Question by Justin L: Where can I find out how to make zombie killing weapons?
I know I’m weird, but there could be a zombie apocalypse soon, you never know.

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Answer by Pretty Time
Get some grenades.

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5 Responses to Where can I find out how to make zombie killing weapons?

  1. Cheesalicous says:

    Look up a book called: The Zombie Survival Guide. It should tell you everything you need to know.


  2. Gold says:

    get a few chainsaws, some pistols, a minigun, and your friends dick.

    Just aim for the head and you will survive.

  3. Nirraic says:

    have a look at left 4 dead 2 all you will need is to get a couple of weapons from that game, i would suggest that you get mostly me-lee weapons like the frying pan and the katana i already have both of them.

  4. Keegarosan says:

    The perfect weapon would have the following properties:

    > No limit to number of uses (ammo, dulling of blade, etc)
    > Not likely to break or malfunction
    > Deals quick efficient damage to the head (rather than limbs/torso)

    This means: no explosives, no guns, no wood. The best weapon (in my opinion anyways) is a light-weight all-metal Warhammer. You have three directions of attack. You can crush, stab, or impale. It is relatively light and will do massive damage if you can put enough power behind the swing. It also wont weigh you down too much if you need to run away from something. It also won’t malfunction on you. The only downside is that you’ve gotta take zombies on one-by-one. That’s why this should be your primary weapon – your close combat melee weapon.

    For a secondary weapon, get yourself an SKS Carbine. It is war-tested and very reliable. It also uses the same ammo as an AK-47 (which is generally considered the most successful/common rifle in the world, so you’re likely to be able to find those as well). It’d be relatively easy/cheap to buy both the gun and the ammo and you’re looking at fast, long-distance, and reliable destruction of the brain. Ten shots per clip!

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