What you look for in Black ops 2 zombies?

Question by Delta: What you look for in Black ops 2 zombies?
Like many of you, I am really looking forward to BO2’s zombies mode. I really enjoyed the previous zombies mode from the other 2 games, but I hope that they change it up more in this up coming one like a few more weapons in the random box, a tough boss battle every 15 levels or so, able to upgrade perks, and different/stronger types of zombies with the ability to do area attacks. Those are what I hope to see in the newer one anyway. What do you all hope to see?

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Answer by Lucas
i just want a game that is relaxing and i can play with friends although boss battles do seem cool

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  1. Husky212 says:

    From what I’ve seen and heard, zombies mode won’t just be a smaller part of the game, it is one of the main areas that Treyarch focuses around. What I know for sure that there is going to be more than one type of zombie modes than previous games. According to interviews with Treyarch, there will be a game mode of 4v4 and zombies. That’s right! It will be like Team Deathmatch with zombies around the map. Treyarch are combining the two games so that zombies is focused more on the multiplayer side. Of course you can still go solo. What has also been confirmed is 8 player co-operative zombies mode. Now you have the ability to shoot more zombies with more of your friends! I can’t begin to explain how epic zombies mode is going to be!

  2. Joey Saurini says:

    4 v 4 zombies

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