What would you do with a baby zombie in a basket?

Question by Alien: What would you do with a baby zombie in a basket?
Would you keep it? Or would you call the zombie protective services?
One also wonders what would one would feed such an infant?

Best answer:

Answer by Alex
Protective services. I love the human race and my health

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14 Responses to What would you do with a baby zombie in a basket?

  1. ?G i n a says:

    I’ll probably raise it and tell it to attack people i don’t like 😀

  2. Ellie says:

    throw it in the river, cause a zombie attack in egypt 😛

  3. Viper says:

    I would BBQ it


  4. Tugger says:

    I would put it in with the rest of the zombies I already have.

  5. Mia says:

    idk i cnt kill it since its aready dead so i guess ill jus put it on somebody elses portch

  6. Merzkii says:

    I would raise it as one of my own.
    Or make my dogs raise it so it would be the most badass zombie attack dog EVER.

  7. Juvenile Joanne says:

    We need a baby for the Christmas Nativity re-enactment.

  8. Emissary says:

    Why would you ask such a question? Did someone leave one on your doorstep?

  9. Texas says:

    I’d just quietly and discreetly destroy the head. We don’t need another zombie epidemic.

  10. Peniqua says:

    throw it in a ocean.

  11. Jo says:

    why would i put my baby in a basket?

  12. Victory Goth says:

    Keep it as a conversation starter.

  13. Ask-It says:

    Keep it and send it to acting school.They always need talented zombies for making movies.I would feed it brain flakes.

  14. ?S??dÐ says:

    Oh goodness, I didn’t know Zombies could reproduce :o….

    I guess I would keep it, and raise it to be a “nice” Zombie. We can’t choose our parents, so it (I’d name him Rob) would at least have a chance to be a kinder and gentler Zombie than his parents.

    If Rob was too violent, I guess I’d find a Zombie Sanctuary somewhere to place him to get therapy.

    Food for Rob would likely be Gerber’s Zombie pablum.

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