What would you do in the Zombie apocalypse?

Question by Tyler: What would you do in the Zombie apocalypse?
The zombies would be the slow moving ones like in resident evil and shaun of the dead. Be creative and have fun answering! Can’t wait to see what people come up with.

Best answer:

Answer by Dont care wat U think, ITS WRONG
Power-walk away.

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9 Responses to What would you do in the Zombie apocalypse?

  1. these voices in my head r loud says:

    just get stoned then the zombies will think i am one of them then start up a fast food chain and get all the zombies to work for me serving fast food to fat people… oh wait thats already been done by Mcdonalds. well then id just load up a shotgun

  2. spathers says:

    Lock ‘n’ load.

  3. Mixy says:

    Get Drunk

  4. Shawn says:

    have fun shooting them

  5. Ken Whelan says:

    I would follow the Zombie Survival Guide to the letter.

  6. ?Molly? says:

    Kill them, run away. Probably hide in a supermarket so I wouldn’t starve.

  7. Halo Glitcher says:

    I’d probably rape them

  8. RANDOM says:

    try to survive with a gun, gather up recruits, have a knife, get weapons, save the human race, i actually think of this question myself sometimes! lol

  9. Killer Kenny x says:

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