What would you do in a zombie scenario?

Question by Morgan: What would you do in a zombie scenario?
I’m watching Dawn of the Dead right now. What would you do if there was a zombie outbreak? Would you try to work with other people to find a cure, or say screw the public and say every man for himself?

Also, the mall security guard in this movie is a butthole.

Best answer:

Answer by Toy Fox
I don’t know about a cure FOR the zombies, but I would most certainly find a way to kill every one of them that came my way. Not that it would be every man for himself, I would help others, I just think that the cure would be to rid the world of them…the undead have no right to life.
shot gun
samurai sword
flame thrower
very fast moving car
my neighbor’s pit bull
sulfuric acid
General Electric 7.62mm Mini-Gun (3000 rounds per minute)

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