What would you do in a zombie apochalypse?

Question by : What would you do in a zombie apochalypse?
Im writing a zombie novel and need to know the popular ideas for an apochalypse. if my book (Bloodless) gets published, my idea will be in it. thank you.

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Answer by The Lizard King
Snuff it, i hate running and i can’t cook.

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4 Responses to What would you do in a zombie apochalypse?

  1. bow says:

    lol have someone trip the other person cause i’d trip you to get away

  2. boommerz024420 says:

    lock and load what else you gonna do.

  3. joe says:

    Start a body guard service transporting people across zombie infested areas in exchange for food and supplies

  4. Roddy says:

    Joe actually had a pretty good idea there. I can see that in a story some day.

    As to what we would do…. well… it’s difficult to say without more information. Are your zombies the old school living dead? Are they fast zombies? Are they just infected living people?

    If zombies did exist we would be fine for quite some time without even leaving our house. Our house is brick, the doors are steel and we have steel storm shutters. We live in tornado country after all. We have a very good stockpile of food but if the power went out we would have to resort to using buckets for toilets like everyone else. Few people realize that if the power is out long enough the sewer system won’t work in many areas and everything backs up into your house once the pipes are full. Not a pleasant thought. Some areas won’t be affected by this though.

    Food wise we would not have to leave for several months. Although stockpiling is becoming more ‘in vogue’ it’s still not wide spread. Most people still have three or fewer days worth of food in their house.

    The USA is probably the most ‘armed’ country in the entire world. Everyone and their brother owns a gun. We have several. If you want to keep your book as realistic as possible the zombies wouldn’t stand a chance. Perhaps set your book in the future where gun control laws have become as strict as England and most of Europe. It would at least give the zombies a fighting chance.

    The above greatly depends on the type of zombie you are using and how the plague is spread in the first place. An airborne virus would affect many people at once and spread pretty rapidly. If the only way to become a zombie is to get bit it’s going to be a short story. That is if you want to keep things as realistic as possible.

    I wish you luck and if you happen to get it published send me a link to buy one. I do love a good zombie story.

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