What would you do if zombies attacked?

Question by Dr. Bloo… the Luv Doctor: What would you do if zombies attacked?
If the zombie appocolyps came oppon us out of freakin nowhere what is the 1st thing that would do? Where would you go? And how would you fight off the zombies? And more importantly what would you use to fight off the zombies?

Best answer:

Answer by turtlekidx
I would recruit Chuck Norris, Batman, Darth Vader, Optimus Prime, and Mr. T to fight the zombies. After that, we’d all form a rock band and rock out until the zombies get resurrected by the energies of the awesome music. Then we’d kill them all again.

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5 Responses to What would you do if zombies attacked?

  1. curious_moper says:

    I’d pull up to my TV and watch in amusement…

  2. Hibari's Hime says:

    Call all my friends and family and make sure they’re ok then we all head off to loot the gun store for everything they have. Then go to Walmart to loot food and everthing else they have maybe shoot and stab some random zombies and find shelter from those damn zombies.

  3. dherron47 says:

    run like HELL!!!!!!!!

  4. Ephemeral85 says:

    First thing i would do, is grab a shovel, head outside, and kill some narutards with it.

    What were we talking about again?

  5. X says:

    Run to the church and pour holy water on them. BURN ZOMBIES BURN! I don’t believe in zombies

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