What would you do if there was a zombie attack?

Question by Muh-ree-uh: What would you do if there was a zombie attack?
Sorry for the random question! A couple of my friends, including myself agreed that we would hide out in our local mall, even though that would make us trapped in a way, you know, like in all the zombie movies.


Say, there was a zombie attack, what would you do?

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Answer by The Loner Down The Street ?s Him
i would kill myself. i watch all those movies, and i wonder how they do, even though it’s a movie, it makes u think.

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24 Responses to What would you do if there was a zombie attack?

  1. cjcbosoxfan92 says:

    grab a shotgun and fight

  2. if you seek nikki_? says:

    trip who evers in front of me so i have a better chance of getting away

  3. Naughty Nurse(at your service) says:

    Bring out the Holy Water. My mom has buckets of it.

  4. Heriberto D says:

    I have no idea

  5. lickity split ? says:

    lol well why not join them
    you are screwed anyways =P

  6. gypsy giraffe says:

    I would hold them off with my pocket chainsaw….handy little thing.

  7. Rob says:

    Attack the zombies

  8. ???TAyLoR??? says:

    God I would be freaked out o.O
    I LOVE Zombies and If I meet one, We will surely be making out right before he kills me….
    I would probably grab a gun and hide under a box
    (They’ll never look there!!!)

  9. ...party... says:

    Get everyone I care about, buy guns, and hunt some zombie a$ $ !

  10. str??t?dg? K!LLSW!TCH says:

    What Every Manly Man will do…..Eat an Apple

  11. Mizuki™ says:

    Kill myself

  12. Blue Berry Bubble says:

    Feed it all the emos

  13. Shar?Baby says:

    id prbly want to fight them but idk cuz youd prbly have to kill your own family members..and that would be really really hard

  14. Matthew Weaver Cayenne says:

    Run to Canada.
    Get Mila Jovovich to fight them off.

  15. Gypsy says:

    If there were a zombie attack and you and I were running for our lives, I’d have to trip you. Self preservation, you know. Silly answer for a silly question.

  16. Alicia [The Killers fan] says:

    Ah, thank the world for zombie movies. I love zombie movies. ahaha
    do nothing they did in the movies. I’d stay exactly in my house and wait till it all blows over. Don’t go outside! It’s the worst thing ever…and probably the stupidest. Arm myself with a shotgun and hangout. If you don’t go looking for them, they won’t come looking for you.

  17. ? of Gold says:

    call my uncle in the air force and have a plane waiting for me. or just hide out. but if the government has anything to do with it they willl destroy everything in order to contain and keep it a secret.

  18. iChihuahua! says:

    I would… give them a cookie and hope for the best 😛

  19. Rael S says:

    i will kill then be like residen and f the up fuck zombie yea mother fucker zombie yea fuck u

  20. Iknowthisone says:

    Kill the brain.

  21. I Am More Than This Avatar says:

    All you can do is wait and if you can’t beat em, join em

  22. Tsunami says:

    i would have an underground home fixed up and live there and quietly go out days and get food and stuff and live happily ever after.

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