What would you do during a Zombie apocalypse?

Question by Edward L: What would you do during a Zombie apocalypse?
What would you do during a Zombie apocalypse? Weapon Choices? Hideouts? Car choices? Friends?

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Answer by wakeupdead87
Get really high and kill zombies till I go out

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9 Responses to What would you do during a Zombie apocalypse?

  1. I got grapes says:

    Zombies are gay i would fûçk em up gears of war style. Curb stomp them høes

  2. samuria jack says:

    My apart. is good, one door and stairs i can barricade.
    I have 11 litres of water and some food for a week so i’d wait it out.
    Keep all the lights off and stay quiet, so they’d go away after everyone else was picked off.
    Also got an showcase sword collection i could sharpen if i had to.
    plus Kevlar vest from Cash converters and metal ww2 helmet.
    I’m good.

  3. nicolas k says:

    im 11 years old i would go steal guns from a gun shop and shoot them out with a shotgun

  4. Martin says:

    I would erm erm go to my local pub play some music drink some free booze way up my options then get the hell out of there, probably watch some zombie films and change my name to shaun, then wait for the whole thing to blow over

  5. Panait C says:

    well.. first… I would get really drunk, kill some zombies , then catch a couple of zombie chicks , tie them up… do them, then kill them too… it would be fun!

  6. Brady says:

    I would barricade myself in a room WAW style, and not put a point price on the random weapons crate.

  7. rocker_chick (troubled youth) says:

    i have to get my boyfriend to answer this. he would love to tell you.
    him and a whole bunch of friends are into to this and actually are getting prepared……….

  8. CuriousCurious says:

    Why are so many people on here obsessed with zombie apocalypses? Every time I log on there are similar questions being asked about zombies. Why?

  9. new gardener says:

    Business as usual. I am somewhat of a hermit with a lot of guns and stored food. I consider most humans to be zombies anyway so it won’t be much different. Except that now I won’t have to hide the bodies. That will be easier.

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