what would be the best firearm to have in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

Question by Franklin V: what would be the best firearm to have in the event of a zombie apocalypse?
i was thinking along the lines of a kalishnakov type rifle as they are so low maintenance. however, they do have a reputation for lower accuracy and heavier weight. suggestions? yes, i know a zombie attack is relatively unlikely, but i figure i could also load it up with hollow-point garlic-tipped silver bullets for use against vampires and werewolves!

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Answer by Nick
Definetly a Nuke.

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16 Responses to what would be the best firearm to have in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

  1. Miss MeMe - ???? says:

    I think in the case of any apocalypse you would want a weapon that is not only easy maintenance but that is a not reliant on a specific type of ammunition as you may find that hard to come by.

  2. kbsully says:

    shotguns those are good
    a lazer

  3. idunno says:

    Well I know that the way to kill a zombie is a direct gunshot wound to the head, and you wouldn’t want to have to be too close to one. Although they are slow, if they catch you you’re done. And in the event of a massive zombie invasion, you’d want a gun that doesn’t require frequent reloading. So you’d need a rife that’s accurate, long range and holds lots of bullets. I know plenty about zombies, nothing about guns.

  4. dca2003311@yahoo.com says:

    NONE because you cannot kill something that is already dead.*

  5. Texas R says:

    We, the gun owners of the world, might be better served to find a list of qualified mental professionals for you to visit.

  6. randy c says:

    somebody has WWWAAAYYYY too much time on their hands!!! ;0)

  7. . says:

    A AK would be a good choice if you had a nice stockpile of ammo, but I’d prefer an AR15 because ammo would be easier to find when you run out.

  8. phildaykin20042@sbcglobal.net says:

    yeah but we also might wanna quit being such badasses with our judgmental answers…

    you’d want something that would do a lot of damage, be easy to maintain, and easy to find ammunition for, that, in my opinion would be any tactical 12 gauge shotgun, and the best of those is the Remington 870, you’d want to put a magazine extender and probably a reddot sight on it for easy target acquisition, i think you’d be good to go with that. Unless you were subject to a massive hoard of zombies, then you’d need a big crew-served weapon like an m242 bushmaster. but lets try and stay realistic. 😉

  9. HM says:

    .22 lr semi-auto rifle. .22 ammo is very easy to find and light,meaning you can carry a lot of it.The penetration and range don’t matter,because the only place you should be trying to hit is the skull,and you shouldn’t take a shot unless you are totally sure you will hit it. AR-7 survival rifle or a ruger 10/22.By the time the zombie gets close enough for an accurate headshot with a pistol,its too close for comfort,and pistols are harder to use efficiently.They should only be a backup weapon for very close combat .Shotguns and their ammo is very heavy and overpowered.

  10. devildog410 says:

    A Saw with a shit load of ammo and a couple extra barrels

  11. CIH(Ret) says:

    Every time, and I mean, every time I have gone hunting zombies I have carried my finest .454 Casul handgun and a stick. I only have one .454 so I don’t have to make a choice there. But like so many people out there, I have many different sticks to choose from. My preference is a flat stick about 18 inches long. I know what you are thnking, you completely understand the need for the .454 Casul but what is the stick for? Well, I’ll tell you…………. Zombies scare the crap out of me. They always have and the stick is to clean the crap out of my drawers after I shoot the zombie.

  12. steven a says:

    A single shot .44mag. So I can shoot myself in the head and get it over with.

  13. Mr. P says:


    Everybody knows when dealing with the undead you need to sever the head or destroy the brain. This is SHOTGUN COUNTRY try this on for size with a couple of extra 20 rounders you control the zombie population with ease!

  14. Paint B says:

    What ever you’ve been smoking i would like 3 pounds of it…. get an M14 with silencer its heavy but it packs a heavy punch. plus a Kimber 1911 .45 pistol movotol cocktail are a must

  15. T.Long says:

    You’re hilarious. Now get out of the hunting category.

  16. R W says:

    there is NO such thing as a zombie,

    so other than showing your inmaturity,

    WHY did you bring your DRIBBLE into this forum ?

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