what would be a good zombie movie ending?

Question by *la la la*: what would be a good zombie movie ending?
My friend and I decided to make a zombie movie. We’ve done lots of scenes yet none of them seem to be leading somewhere. Our main characters were splattered in different regions until a few came together, but that still doesn’t lead us to an ending. We’ve seen many zombie movies, and they’re usually tragic at the end, I mean zombies, c’mon, but if any of you out there was ever unsatisfied with how a zombie movie ended, what would be a perfect ending?

I’d love it so much to hear from you guys! Thanks!

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Answer by Trouble
Well it all depends on if you want a happy ending or a sad ending. The happy ending well The main ppl stay alive and end up killing all the zombies. the sad ending they get eaten. but its up to you. i like to think that a guy and girl are together and the girl is getting chased so the guy sacrifices his life to save hers.

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  1. justathot says:

    A good ending would be for a the humans to find a cure and we start to see a progression back to civilization. In these type of movies there never is a rebuild of cities or humanity. Although it is human nature to start again and rebuild. So we should see that at least in one film.

    A few films have alluded to a restoration of society, but it’s usually within the last 5 minutes of the film, and the concept remains under developed or shown.

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  3. Uncle Pennybags says:

    I’d really like to see a zombie movie about someone who survives the initial outbreak, scrambling just as everyone else does, then takes it upon themselves to lead others to organize, push back the zombie hordes, go after them offensively, lead a war against them, and years later, the world is back to normal, more or less.

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