What type of zombie would you prefer………….?

Question by SS Cpt Kenpachi: What type of zombie would you prefer………….?
to try to survive against in a post apocalyptic world? The fast running relentless zombies of Dawn of the Dead? The zombies smart enough to use guns? Or the slow walking retarded zombies from resident evil including the the bosses like Nemesis, and mutated animals? Explain why?
Is cousin itt a zombie? And the Shaun of the Dead zombies fall into the slow retarded category w/ no animals i guess.

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Answer by MMHawk607
can i pick none of the above? zombies are creepy..

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5 Responses to What type of zombie would you prefer………….?

  1. Shannen Shenanigans says:

    i want cousin itt.

  2. w i n t e r ? s u n s h i n e . says:

    How ’bout those zombies from Shaun Of The Dead. hahahah.

  3. Luz Nyx says:

    The slow walking retarded ones. Durr. You want time to run!

  4. wingsfan says:

    The slow ones because it would be fun to taunt them and then take em out, and the bosses would be cool for the challenge.

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