What type of zombie is more believable and why?

Question by Chris G: What type of zombie is more believable and why?
1. Slow moving dead corpse zombie.
2. Slow moving at distance and fast when up close to human prey. Still dead, though.
3. Fast-moving corpse zombie.
4.Fast-moving alive zombie.

Best answer:

Answer by arty
none of them- the whole point is that they are fictional. But if I had to choose one I would say slow moving dead corpse zombie. However it would be virtually impossible to destroy as obviously it is already dead. So probably you would have to burn it or chop it up into little bits. Don’t know if that helped at all…

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4 Responses to What type of zombie is more believable and why?

  1. Ingrid says:

    slow moving dead corpse zombie. Zombies are dead so probably wouldn’t be able to move very fast, then again if they were brought back to life I think they’d be able to walk normally… But I don’t think zombies would eat humans because even though they are dead they were still human once if they are not still human. Zombie is like another race, still human but different just like the english are different from the africans.
    thats my opinion anyhow :)

  2. Dusty_Flow says:

    I think when the zombies attack (of course they will! That would kick so much @ss!) they will be number 1.

    Because they are rotting flesh and you can’t exactly run with rotting flesh. And I don’t like how some movies make them slow then all the sudden they can spring like Usain Bolt.

    Either way I believe my Zombie Plan will cover any scenario.

  3. sisoio says:

    The one that can break out into perfect dance moves at any given time….or the ones that can operate highly specialized moving vihichles

  4. The UK Goddess *Accalia* says:

    The first one, or the fourth one.

    If it’s alive and only infected with some kind of disease, then it can run and jump and do everything a normal human can do. If it’s dead, then it can only moan, bite and stumble around.

    Running dead zombies are a stupid idea.

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