What should I do to prepare for the zombie invasion?

Question by Zombie Bunny: What should I do to prepare for the zombie invasion?
Ok, stop denying it, because we ALL know that the zombie invasion is inevitable. What should I do to prepare. And when it comes, what should I do then? What are you going to do when the zombies attack?

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Answer by Sexc_Beetch
run for the hills

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11 Responses to What should I do to prepare for the zombie invasion?

  1. livetoride says:

    live in my car and lock it

  2. Darth Vader IV says:

    alright soldier, stock up on food & water and guns, lots ad lots of guns barricade your house ! there coming! there coming!! there- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH- uhhhhhhhh i want your brain…..

  3. BACON!!! says:

    ummm lock my door.

  4. DERANged says:

    First of all you need to buy this special machine that will save you and lucky for you I have one so I can give you a discount of a cost of $ 345.81

    What ya think?

  5. Amanda says:

    My fiance has been waiting for that day! haha He loves zombie crap movies (yknow the low budget kind) and I hate them. And hes always like “just you wait honey, when zombies attack everyones gonna be comin to MY house, cuz I’m gonna be the only one who knows what to do!” And although we dont own a gun, hes a great shot (he was in the Army) and he loves to shoot things. He would love to have millions of targets to shoot at.
    So I guess that if zombies attacked, I would hide behind him and let him have his fun all the while thinking, “Damn he’s gonna be bragging about how he was right tomorrow.”

  6. jscrew says:

    restart the PS3

  7. The Mouse II says:

    I would have a flame thrower and a (virtually) endless supply of fuel all stockpiled away for the invasion. And of course several barrels of cinnamon icecream to enjoy while burning away the zombies.

    For back up system , I would have a recording of Moriah Carey and a large pair of speakers at a ready… I just blast them into smithereens


  8. t_ blond chick says:

    Just go fishing,when they find me I jump in the water and drown quite nicely.

  9. Mr. Twin Won says:


    Build a house made out of diamonds with secret exit like underground supplied with food,water,fire supplies, guns,and a truck^^

    If you cant run away run them down with a truck^^

  10. Josh says:

    Get a safe-house in a minimally populated area. Have a clean water supply. And lots of non perishable food. Stock up on First aid kits and weapons. Work out a good intrusion detection system. Land mines for defense will work fine. But make sure the area around your safe-house has a surface to where you can hear the zombies shuffle around like gravel. Make sure you are alone. The food will last longer and will limit the risk of them freaking out. Or possibly infecting you.

  11. just wondering says:

    Well i have 2 plans.

    1.) this plan would only work if animals were imune to the Z-virus (zombie). i would fly to madagscar i have flight training and i live near an airport. Madagascar has minimul population and is an island so it would take longest for the zombies to make it there. In madagascar i could live off the land until the zombies die off of starvation. If the zombies get smart and can do the Pirates of the Carribean underwater walk then i would get a cropduster and put pharamones in the watter to make the fish eat everything (including zombies)

    2.) i would drive to Canada (i live near the border). Zombies have no body heat they would be corpsesickles up there in the canadian cold. I would go there with planty of ammo and my trusty katana. There i would also live off the land unless i can find a small town that has no zombies in it.

    That is my plan until the zombies die of starvation i shall be nice and secure in either of my sites.

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