What kind of person would you be in a Zombie apocalypse?

Question by ?????: What kind of person would you be in a Zombie apocalypse?
Would you help the defenseless and needy and try to save as many people as possible?

Would be too scared to fight back and give yourself to the zombies?

Would you sacrifice babies and old ladies to save your own skin and make sure you come out on top?

Best answer:

Answer by Absolutley Spiffing!
Truthfully. I’d be one of the first to die. Or I’d save someone I loved. Then die.

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12 Responses to What kind of person would you be in a Zombie apocalypse?

  1. Maddy says:

    Save has many people as possible, but mostly try to protect my loved ones.

  2. King of Hearts says:

    I’d survive. I’ll put it that way.

  3. Sarah Minshall says:

    I imagine I’d be the one that survives. I have these reoccurring nightmares in which I am facing a zombie apocalypse, and I survive with guns and a bow and arrow. I haven’t gotten as far as seeing who gets sacrificed so I’m assuming most of the population has been wiped out, but for whatever reason I remain. I’m not one to sacrifice babies and old ladies, nor am I defenseless and scared, I’m the bad ass with a bow and arrow.

  4. Jaryd says:

    I would pretend to be a zombee…

  5. Mama says:

    I’d try to save my loved ones and one already happens to be an extra nerdy already prepared for zombie apocalypse and knows how to fight, hellll yeah.

    Then I type in the code for infinite health, ammo, guns, vehicles. BOOYAH!

  6. D L says:

    Help people–with my loved ones as my first priority–if they weren’t around I’d find some fertile females to defend and keep safe and quickly begin to impregnate as many as possible so we could build our own army to fight against the zombies. Oh yeah, and I’d train the fertile females in the arts of hand-to-hand combat, and the arts of war using firearms and improvised weapons.

  7. Meme says:

    I’d be the one lighting things on fire and blowing everyone up:)

  8. spiritboy says:

    Sacrifice babies and old ladies to save your own skin and make sure you come out on top

  9. kozzm0 says:

    I’d be a mountain man.

    There’s zombies only where there’s people to turn into zombies. If you go to the Rocky Mountains and be a mountain man, there won’t be anyone within dozens of miles. And if a zombie does wander in there, it won’t be able to climb.

    I would have several horses, every one of them would be able to smell zombies a mile away, even at night. I wouldn’t even need a gun. If a zombie came, I would just dig a pit and walk around the pit as it shuffled toward me, then it would fall in.

    After collecting a few zombie prisoners in my zombie trap, I would pour gasoline in there and light it on fire.

    The whole premise of zombie apocalypse is people in urban areas. It doesn’t mean a damn thing in a rural area. All the zombie fear stuff is just mass wussism from people who can’t see how easy it is to defeat it.

  10. Faesson says:

    Young man, zombies don’t exist. Try to leaven your daily bread with some reality.

  11. The Notorious C.A.T. says:

    The girl who’d be a big chicken in the beginning with knocking knees who ends up saving the entire population of survivors through blind fury and adrenaline. 😀

  12. Alex Caples says:

    Definitely 3, maybe 1

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