What is your plan for a zombie apocalypse?

Question by Don’t Mess With My Cookies: What is your plan for a zombie apocalypse?
If you will read this:

OK, I would go to Wal-Mart, before the big riot, get every gun and all the can goods, with water and other things. make sure there is a way to get down(without the zombies coming up) and use a welder and burn the ladder off. I’m set man doing that. Zombies can’t get up and I can get down and go to other areas.

Best answer:

Answer by Stampy Skunk
I have alot of guns, rifles…. and gasoline, im ready to have some fun.

What do you think? Answer below!

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7 Responses to What is your plan for a zombie apocalypse?

  1. Celeste Nicole says:

    Except that is what EVERYONE will do.
    We own a farm, have a s*** load of guns and ammo, have access to fresh water, and can hunt/live off the land. We are all rednecks, so I am pretty sure we will survive!

  2. Slappy says:

    I would get a ton of Chocolate milk and wait on my roof for rescue :3

  3. @ K says:

    i hear all these f@gs talking about this lol

  4. Wihan Cahill says:

    I agree with Celeste. Unlike in the movies, places like Wal mart and shopping centres would probably be one of the most dangerous places, since people tend to be there a lot and a lot of uninformed people would go because it’s stocked.

    A good idea would probably be a rural area, for example a farmwhere one can put up fences and if you intend to live long get your own food and livestock going. Most farmers also have melee weapons in barns and stuff as well as firearms. The undead population there would obviously be less too.

    Otherwise just make a field day by going and killing as many as you can. Youre most likely going to blow your own brains out anyway from extreme loneliness or guilt from killing infected love ones.

  5. Charlie Ra says:

    First get some really good full body armor, a bunch of guns and ammo and gun silencers (don’t want to attract more zombies), maybe a couple o ninja swords in case i run out of ammo stock up on food and water, get a bunch ply wood and material to board walls up. second hide in my house until all the riots have stopped and its quiet and nothing but zombies are left. third go out and take anything i want and need while killing me some zombies.

  6. Roddy says:

    I assume you would do all this before the power goes out. Does Walmart have welders? Of course there will be people in Walmart and even with zombies running about they aren’t likely to let you do any of those things. You would probably have to fight people to try and get one of the guns since everyone would be after them.

    It would take days to haul all the food and water up a ladder from a Walmart store. Even a dedicated person in great condition would wear out pretty quick.

    I also assume you are on the roof? If so you had better take plenty of free standing tents to protect all that stuff from the weather. Better hope it’s not really cold or snowing.

    You seem to think all you would have to worry about is the zombies. The people who wanted what you have would probably be far more dangerous. They will likely have guns just like you. Even if you manage to hold them off some people figure if they can’t have it then neither will you. They may set the place on fire.

  7. commander says:

    Its better to have and not need, then to need and not have. Its an old saying.
    During a zombie apocalypse, those that already have the needed supplies will last as long as their skills and wisdom can take them. The better prepped and more survival knowledge they have, the longer they will live.
    Those that have no survival skills, no supplies, no means of staying out of the hot zones. Will die sooner. They will have go into danger ie….go to walmart, gun store, police station, evacuation sites in order to gather supplies or help. And that’s where everyone else who is not prepared will be going also. Hundreds of citizens with no means or food, shelter, or personal protection because they where not prepared.
    I value my life and the life of my family, we are prepared for any disaster. You should be to, good luck when SHTF.

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