What is the probability of a mass zombie outbreak?

Question by : What is the probability of a mass zombie outbreak?
With mad cow disease out there,could it possibly spread to a human and make them a zombie,and if not is a zombie outbreak possible at all?

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Answer by Katie
the probability is HUGE

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6 Responses to What is the probability of a mass zombie outbreak?

  1. promo32 says:


  2. Buster Friskers says:

    60% chance of zombies overnight giving way to mixed clouds and sun in the AM.

  3. Liam says:

    Wait for Mr. Woods.

  4. MommyofThree says:

    I’m pretty sure that there is a HUGE probability!!

  5. --The real Dante Sparda-- says:

    The same as Hilary Clinton becoming the next president….0%

  6. kozzm0 says:

    You zombie survivalists aren’t paying attention to the real danger.

    The real danger is from a creature few people have heard of but is more dangerous than any other monster: the Wereflea.

    What is a Wereflea, it’s exactly what it sounds like. It bites you, and then at the next full moon, you turn into a flea, and you hop around looking for victims.

    Now not only are fleas hard to kill, they’re also hard to see. You won’t know the wereflea is there until it’s too late. You won’t even know it’s too late until the full moon comes and you find yourself hopping around looking for warm-blooded creatures to feed on.

    About the only thing holding werefleas at bay is flea and tick collars on cats and dogs. Werefleas hate those even more than regular fleas do. Because of this, werefleas haven’t had any serious outbreaks in cities, except for wild city animals like squirrels and raccoons. Werefleas are actually epidemic among squirrels. Any animal can turn into a wereflea, and it happens to squirrels all the time. Nobody ever notices when squirrels disappear, because who pays attention to squirrels? I haven’t counted the neighborhood squirrels lately.

    To prevent the wereflea from attacking people, the squirrel population must be kept low. More squirrels generally means more werefleas. If there are too many werefleas, they will be forced to attack people’s dogs and cats despite the distasteful flea collars, and then they’ll start biting people too.

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