What is the best zombie survival game?

Question by Andy: What is the best zombie survival game?
I was wondering if anyone knew of any zombie survival games, i’m looking for realistic as in you’re not going to just wander around and kill zombies. A game where you hunker down and defend someplace. I’ve already played The Last Stand one and two, but feel like there are more out there. They can be flash or an actual retail game.

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Answer by Nate
Left 4 Dead. Epic win.

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8 Responses to What is the best zombie survival game?

  1. Patrick says:

    Can’t think of something like you are describing, but left 4 dead and left 4 dead 2, are the best zombie-themed games ever!

  2. Diddy says:

    Dead Rising for the XBox 360is Epic, and the sequel coming out at the end of September promises to be better. Might not be what you are ultimately looking for cause its a lot of zombie killing but there is a lot of survival needed, and you help out a lot of NPC’s survive as well.

  3. JD says:

    left 4 dead, durr

  4. Ashley Cole says:

    there are a few zombie games on PSN, just search zombie
    theres COD 5 and COD BO (supposedly) theres left for dead 1 & 2 and theres dead rising 1 and soon number 2
    those are the only ones atm or coming in soon
    P.S theres dead nation

  5. David says:

    any Resident Evil game

  6. themindfluxv2 says:

    for a full game probably left for dead 2, althrough if you buy call of duty world at war it has a side game called nazi zombies,which i think is easily the most fun zombie game. there are 4 maps for it (you have 2 download them through). you play online in a 4 player co-op defending an area against hordes of nazi zombies, you ve 2 try get 2 the highest round you can, theres no final level, you just keep playing till you get over run lol

  7. Semper Fun says:

    Nazi Zombies!

  8. mS2s says:

    Resident Evil is your best choice. It has a very in depth story starting from Resident Evil 0 all the way to Resident Evil 5. These games all require skill and quick thinking especially RE 4 and 5 and require you do a vast amount of puzzles, defending, and running and gunning . Left 4 Dead is a waste as there is no real story line to follow and it deals with 4 people in some part of the country going to an area to be picked up by somebody else.

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