What is it called when you kill a zombie?

Question by Jake: What is it called when you kill a zombie?
I mean you can’t kill it since it’s already dead, it there a specific term for what you are doing when you kill a zombie or any other undead creature?

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Answer by The Bob
Dismember a zombie
Decapitate a zombie
Mince a zombie
Obliterate a zombie
Incinerate a zombie

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8 Responses to What is it called when you kill a zombie?

  1. Dan C says:

    Kicking it’s @ss.

  2. The Mighty Paul! says:

    ended, put down, ravaged, pulverised, fucked up, decapetated, put in its place…etc

  3. indianboy11192 says:

    zombie mirk

  4. Mr. Farenhieght says:

    Letting it take another dirt nap

  5. Ryan says:


    The killing of the undead or demons.

  6. FTFK says:

    shoot it in his big ass head

  7. damianlpulcini says:

    lol these answers are stupid any true zombie fan would know that it is called Slaying the Undead or Putting the Corpses to Rest

    As you said its already dead so your not killing it youre slaying it or putting it to its final rest.

    hope this helps xD

  8. Alexx says:

    ok bear with me here

    The corpse is no longer dead after it has been re animated. It is in an undead state.

    Therefore once you kill a zombie it is said to be dead.
    Because you cant kill something that isnt alive so the word kill wouldnt apply either.

    But the zombie is neither alive or dead.
    its a re animated corpse causing Undeath
    so it is very much able to be killed and it can very much die(again)

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