What happens if a vampire bites a zombie?

Question by Giz: What happens if a vampire bites a zombie?
With all of this flu and digital TV signals floating around, I believe a zombie uprising in imminent. However, I was afraid of what would happen if a vampire bit a zombie. Would the zombie turn into a vampire or would the vampire become infected and become a zombie?

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Answer by lipgloss-junkie
I’m sure it leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.

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6 Responses to What happens if a vampire bites a zombie?

  1. Jeliza-Rose says:

    I suggest that you don’t bite any zombies. I don’t think their blood would be very fresh, and I definitely wouldn’t want their germs.


  2. missee says:

    They would become a new breed a Vambie or a Zompire!! Scary.

  3. kinetochore says:

    The zombie would have to wear sun screen and the vampire would have cotton mouth.

  4. jcro8829 says:

    Actually they will both turn into clones of George Bush. They only difference is that they will be armed with light sabers.

  5. austin23cook says:

    the vampire would turn into a super zombie but nothing would happen to a zombie because their blood doesn’t flow and your blood has to flow in order for the venom to spread, DUH. lol starred

  6. LeenieLuvsMonkeys says:

    Simple. They would both die. reason being, because the contaminated blood from both of the subjects would be contaminated with another ‘disease’ if you will, and their blood would evaporate and they would die. Duh!

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