What happens if a baby becomes a zombie?

Question by incogneto: What happens if a baby becomes a zombie?
Ok, so if a baby became a zombie and it didn’t have teeth couldn’t u just try 2 teach it 2 b tame. Like the baby that was born on Dawn of the Dead. Am I the only 1 who thinks of weird shit like this?

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Answer by Chïckën Màn
no its impulses will make it wanna eat you

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  1. FoxForceFiveVega says:

    Haha. That baby would eventually grow teeth and the hunger for brains would overcome it. By definition the only thing zombies are capable of is basic survival instinct…hunger. I know on Land of the Dead they seemed to be smart, which is what made that movie not so great and authentic..even though it was Romero who did it. You could try and teach them, but in the end, hunger would overcome and the baby would bite a plug out of someone.

    Add:DanceKim: in 28 days later those aren’t zombies. They are regular humans infected with rage. Their attacks have nothing to do with feeding only killing.

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