What does treyarch mean by upgraded zombie levels?

Question by Germain: What does treyarch mean by upgraded zombie levels?
I ordered the hardened edition of Call of Duty Black Ops and the order form said that the hardened edition comes with “upgraded maps from the origional nazi zombies” Does that mean the old guns are back? Does it mean that the old guns are back and looking like the modern warfare 2 look. Does it mean the Black Ops guns are in these modes. I’m really confused could you help clarify. If you can’t can you direct me to someone who may know the answer besides Gamestop , Thanks.

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Answer by Dany
By “upgraded” they mean they’re taking all the elements (guns excluded) from the original Nazi Zombies, and they’re making it a better experience. It probably means they’re gonna include different traps, new types of guns, new perks, more gun upgrades, and all that fun stuff. It’s gonna make Nazi Zombies more enjoyable than it was in WaW. But if you like the old maps better, than good thing you bought the Hardened Edition.

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