What do zombies represent in our society?

Question by phil8656: What do zombies represent in our society?
They say that vampires are really just psychopaths. And I’ve known some psychopaths so I can see this correlation.
What then, are zombies? Have you met any?

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Answer by Hunter
Office workers.

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7 Responses to What do zombies represent in our society?

  1. Dr Yes!!! says:

    The brain eaters are the mindless followers of religious and political leaders who want somebody else to think for them.
    The others are simply refugees. They teach us to shoot them in the head so you don’t hear them scream.

  2. Irv S says:

    Municipal office workers.
    Ever visited a Goverment bureau?
    The MVB eg.???

  3. TerraBanks says:

    They’re tortured souls- forced to exist in a way they don’t want to.

    Even if you bring them back somehow they won’t be the same. All you’ll be doing is putting their soul through pain and suffering by dragging them back to a world they’ve moved on from.

  4. Paul E says:

    Moochers living on a welfare check.

  5. glenn123 says:

    I see them everyday. Have you seen Dawn of the Dead? I see customers who have no energy and no purpose…who wander around without any idea why they are there. They just feel DRAWN to the place. They are mindless, have no sense of currency or how to spend it…and seem like the life is sucked out of them. I hope the rich and privileged appreciate how they are undermining the very fabric of our existence while they worry about buying another yacht to water ski behind.

  6. La Dolce Vita says:

    They are both the same. A psychopath/sociopath has no conscience. A zombie is in a hypnotic state and also has no conscience. They are also vampires in a way because they suck the life out of us.

  7. Psyengine says:

    Zombies are people forced into mindlessness through a drugging and torture and hypoxia (suffocation). The working class.



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