What do you think about zombies and infection?

Question by : What do you think about zombies and infection?
What do you think about zombies and infection? Do you think it’s possible to happen? cause they once said they would never be a black president and yet Obama is right there.

Anyways don’t answer the first part answer this part.

What would you do in a zombie infection outbreak which happend very fast and the infection spread around the world in less than 3 days?.
For me i would be block all my windows and try to recruit any survivors with automatic machine guns. and fight off the infection?

Like Survivor mode in Left4Dead.

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Answer by Rob U
My friend and I had this conversation earlier. We think an infection is plausible. However, it wouldn’t cover the world in 3 days. And I don’t think everyone would magically have assault rifles like you stated.

What do you think? Answer below!

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3 Responses to What do you think about zombies and infection?

  1. twistinreality says:

    Left4Dead is so much fun, hah.
    I play it all of the time, especially live.

    But yeah in regards to your question.
    I do think it is possible, and if it did happen I don’t really know where I would go, it’d be tough to find just the right place with the resources that you need. I would most certainly hit up the nearest hunting store and stock up on some weapons though. I would survive for as long as I could and when I do run out of resources and the infection become unbearable, I would most certainly have that one special bullet set aside, for myself of course. haha.

  2. crazybay46913 says:

    I would have to side with the zombies, and then eat you brains with hundreds of thousands of my zombie buddies.

  3. Sebastian says:

    i would try to stock up as best i could with weapons, food, water, all that jazz. then i would go to the upstairs of my home,completely destroy any way of getting up there (except a ladder that i could use to get up and down, and could pull up if they found me) if i could find people alive, i would try to take them with me (after checking that they are not infected and they are healthy.) and make a safe zone around my house (not a huge one, just a few acres the are very well walled.) then just keep looking for people, supplies, and slowly expand the safe zone. and ya i do think it could happen. also have a escape plan in case the safe zone gets overrun and a location to restart.

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