What do you do when the zombie you need to kill is your past life?

Question by lonestargirl1144: What do you do when the zombie you need to kill is your past life?
I believe in reincarnation after death, so let’s pretend that is really what happens (I think it does, but that’s beside the point). Anyways, you are living a happy life when the zombie apocalypse strikes. You are run into a zombie, but this zombie is your most recent past life, you were this person before you died and were reborn into who you are now. What do you do?

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Answer by PC User
The situation is a trillion in one chance, but ok.

Shoot it?

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5 Responses to What do you do when the zombie you need to kill is your past life?

  1. cheetosryume says:

    I believe in that too… Anyways, I would try to comfort it and make it not so aggresive. But zombies have a duty, killing or attacking people (whatever they like to do) I guess I wouldn’t capture it. It is me and I would let it live its life how it wants. That would be a weird situtation…

  2. Betterman says:

    impossible because your energy is now in your new body you no longer inhabit your old body…energy cannot be created or destroyed and once the energy leaves your old body how can there be anything left?

  3. KC says:

    Kill it. No hard feelings.

  4. marysunshine says:

    You use your newborn peacefulness and knowledge to make it nonexistent. If you believe in reincarnation then you also know that you have gathered knowledge from past lives. So use that to banish it from your life so future lives will be more pure. Good luck with that zombie Apocalypse.

  5. goldenkhalil says:

    uhhhh first of all how can you be reborn if you are a zombie? But I think I see what you mean. The zombie would probably be pretty tore up because it you was reincarnated and how old are you now? 10? 20? 30? Either way, that past life zombie wouldnt prove much of a challenge unless… It somehow jumped thru time to your present life.

    But either way, this would be your life now. and that past one ended pretty bad if you became a zombie, so just end its torment and move on!

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