What are some good zombie games for the ps2/xbox?

Question by KatieT: What are some good zombie games for the ps2/xbox?
I’m into the more traditional zombies but anything is fine. I wouldn’t mind what you think of the games either.

Best answer:

Answer by Liquid Snake
Resident Evil Code Veronica X

or any other Resident Evil’s you can find, there are a ton for the PS2/PS1, but STAY AWAY FROM SURVIVOR! It’s not as bad as people say, but it is very annoying; there’s no way to save in the game, you can only save if you die BUT you only save your weapons, you start from the beginning and find all the items and go through the story AGAIN.

Try buying Resident Evil The Essentials for the PS2.

Comes with Resident Evil 4 (pretty much an action game but some scares here and there), Resident Evil Outbreak (zombie game), Resident Evil Code Veronica X (a traditional zombie game and a classic).

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2 Responses to What are some good zombie games for the ps2/xbox?

  1. fool.with.a.mind says:

    For ps2 I would recomend any resident evil games

  2. Zoe says:

    Any Resident Evil games are good. Resident Evil 4, my favorite, has more action because the zombies are smarter and faster. They wield weapons, attack in groups, and curse and threaten you (in spanish).

    For Xbox 360 there is Left 4 Dead. The zombies are faster than those in Resident Evil 4. They dont talk or anything. They’re regular, but fast, zombies and they attack in much larger quantities.

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