What are some good tips for writing a zombie novel?

Question by Joseph: What are some good tips for writing a zombie novel?
Im trying my best to make it as least cliche as possible. Ex. a hospital patient wakes up alone, a couple wakes up and their daughter is a zombie, etc.

Best answer:

Answer by ?D?mo? S?lv?tor??
Try to avoid the obvious things that take place in zombie books and movies.

Such as:

The £luts always die first. I know, weird, but in many books and movies, they always seem to di.
There is always a dominant male that tries to take over but usually ends up making all the wrong decisions and gets a bit up himself as he sometimes preys on the remaining women. Since everyone is a zombie, he could rape anyone, because there are no police.
They always manage to find each other and group up in a supermarket
They always have people in their group that are so far apart from each other. Like they always have that idiot who has to scream and get so worked up all the time and blow their cover, there’s always a dominant male, a whore, an old lady or man and then a normal bloke and woman that are sensible, fall in love and make it to the end.

So that’s what I see in many zombie movies and novels. I’m sure you’re an avid reader and watcher and already know that, but try to avoid the most cliched things.

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