What are some black ops zombies strategies?

Question by Paul Lindholm: What are some black ops zombies strategies?
tonight there will be a new DLC available that includes a new zombie map called ascension. I want to be ahead of the curve at get to a high wave fast. Can anybody give me hints of what to do so i will be prepared?

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Answer by tuffacton
1. Shoot Zombies
2. Run like Hell
4. Profit!

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7 Responses to What are some black ops zombies strategies?

  1. spud/takeshi says:

    Aim for the Head!!!

  2. Chaz Jones says:

    Aim for the head hahaha. Also just open the doors on the right til u get back to the starting room and then each round link the teleporter and run in circles through all the doors u unloocked shooting every now and then then teleport then throw zombies dow and WATCH THE CHUNKS FLY!

  3. Gary says:

    add me, i’ll take you to 30+ 😀
    im pro at zombies, multiplayer: not so much 😛

    GT: Maverick0784

  4. junebugmonkeys says:

    1 knife for first couple rounds
    2. headshots the rest of the time
    3. get mystery box weapons and packapunch them
    4. get perks first must be juggernog
    5. keep killing and killing till you and your friends die

    ps: buy mystery box weapons and pack a punch them if one of your guns runs out of ammo and you dont get max ammo

  5. Tissue Man says:

    First learn the map. Then after get perks and guns. Play with your friends to work together. You all should have mics for better communication. Thats all I really have to say.

  6. Lottie Russel says:

    shoot, run..

  7. ChainedXVeteran says:

    let the zombies rip the barriers down and let them through. You can kill them and get easy kills if you aim for the head but as long as they are it you can kill them and earn perks. Before you finish the last one run around and fix barriers up. As long as you hold in x and you look around, you can see how close they are. Easy points and when you get insta kill, only knife. All I can say is get luck with the mystery box or grab a good weapon of the wall and find a good corner. Kill the bastards and set claymores everywhere. when you get to the teleporter make sure that they don’t follow you when you enter because they can enter it as well. When you have extra but speed cola and some other well helping perks. Good luck and I hope I helped

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